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 “Could we talk about this after I’ve been reincarnated?” – the mouthing-off space of gibbs chapman


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Some selected writings on various incongruous topics:


On Media & Profundity


On Dropping


Tents & Helping


Comments related to life ‘Mattering’


Another group of rounds – Comments on Nov. 13th, 2015


A video -not creativity born of disaster but not instructional either.


A tale of displacement


Notes on the MEgaphones


On Urban Planning (or something to that effect)


To be hip or not to be hip: this is a question


• link to PDF article – Local Man has Opinion about Dismantling Government


• link to the liner notes for 6films prepared by a mr. gibbs chapman


On divinity and the modern application of the survival mechanism


2 years on, what have you to say, Mr. O


an open letter to Mr. Obama


a report on jfk ‘security’


a few thoughts for mark street and others


the boeing 757 lavatory door operation test analysis


in defense of the dirty (old) man


letter to the KPIX editor, related to Nuisance vs. Gonzalez


post election 2004 notes




Software: Microsoft Office


a man who still works with his hands… …and yes, I should be more careful.



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Software: Microsoft Office


Could we talk about this after I’ve been reincarnated?


Text Box: As for a hollow threat, if you steal these images or this language, and use them or it for your own greedy, capitalist maneuvering without plugging my work, I’ll track you down and pee in your underwear drawer. And I gotta pee often; nevermind that I stole the above photo of an unnamed ant.