Dear Editor,


As the morning after rises to find the Bolshevik winds dissipated and shot down by oil and wine money, I am compelled to complain bitterly about your flauntingly biased, and shameful display that you may refer to as "news". Your update aired in the evening on the eve of the recent mayoral election, presenting Mr. Getty Nuisance essentially before the set of the Democratic National congress, complete with chanting androids during Clinton's vacant endorsement commentary. And then to the point - your degrading, and insulting approach to Mr. Gonzalez and his support - first placing your "anchor person" standing in a dark, empty street, suggesting such a sparse and scary density to begin, then on to suggest that the accessible and personable hobnobbing techniques of Gonzalez, in a nightclub (which by the way is a small business) was merely the candidate dropping by a "punk rock concert" - a statement, sure to alienate any stiff yuppie land-owning swing vote; then on to a meaningless sound bite in which Gonzalez, obviously responding to a specific and irrelevant question about lo-budget campaign logistics problems, clearly showing your interest only in hearing him say there was "some (strategic) mistakes made." Then on to describe an intimate (think student-teacher ratio) meeting with some minority seniors as an "opportunity to maybe collect (an irrelevant) 11 votes", which is insulting to the citizens and further suggesting that the only worthwhile outreach work involves Nuremburg style rallies on TV, and surely you prefer those which include writing check to KPIX. Not that I ever chose to view your cake-faced spokespeople for the affluent, status-quo in this bourgeois paradise known as San Francisco, but I am truly now reminded to insult you in my daily travels at every opportunity.


your sincerely,


gibbs chapman