Small megaphone - miniphone. The ego, the persona check is an odd thing. I grew up in the heart of a progressive movement that I thought could only grow and expand. And although I'm an incompetent salesman, I've had an expectation that my cause would have venue, but in light of the recent elections, it's not hard to feel like one's cause will occupy a smaller place in geologic time than anticipated. Some people got pretty bummed out but I've just reverted to head in the sandÉ ÉI won't really be affected, infected, like VDÉ Éit can't happen here. It will be interesting how bad it has to get to mobilize people or at least trigger total chaos.


I'm not a sentimentalist or an optimist or a utopian but I am a fascist judge perhaps thankfully without bench. I don't have any illusions that we who think about human behavior, inclusive societies, or equilibrium of opportunity will through our work have anything but pale voice.


But the progressive place from which came a lot of the material for my mind, has morphed in ways that is baffling and interesting. Evolution has come to participate in my work unconsciously, in that much of the world's traditional problems - war, poverty, disease, etc. seemingly cannot be approached by youthful energy right now. We now have larger armies of zombies with no use for universal justice, either hunkering down in fear or sold hook, line and sinker in distraction. I know - what's new. But is this more severe than usual?


When I think that stern suspicion will keep people from buying products or politicians, I forget that even for those youth who have such suspicion, they apply it to leftists and progressives equally with as to nazis and religious delusionalists. And rightly so. Even though I distance myself from an expression that we are involved in a struggle for survival, (which always to me in light of our thorough cancerous domination of the planet, seems to be a righteous over-reaction) I've begun to view the potential extinction of the left as natural, and if the fittest whities that live to fight the coming race wars are religious fanatic businessmen, I can celebrate their pain.